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The B9 Legs Gasket

Look at any photo of the B9 robot from the 2nd or 3rd season of Lost in Space, and you'll see a rubber gasket where the legs enter the upper knee plates. If you've never noticed this before, you're not alone. I've studied the legs closely for more than two years and I just noticed it myself. Fortunately, it's easy to add this detail to any type of legs (foam, rubber, or fiberglass).

Legs Gasket Comparison

Left: my robot with the gasket added to the legs.

Right: the original robot in a 3rd season publicity photo.

(Click to separately enlarge either photo)

Underside of legs with gasket addedTo add a simulated gasket, attach a length of 5/32" rubber vacuum hose (available in the automotive section of most hardware stores) to the underside of each leg section. You'll need about four feet for each leg. Place the hose just inside the outer perimeter of the legs. Super Glue works well for this job; just hold it in place for a minute while it sets up. Hide the place where the two ends meet between the legs. A little touch-up paint and you've got this detail covered.

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