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Fred Barton & his robotsFred Barton – The Robot Man
Fred Barton is known to many as simply The Robot Man. He restored Robby, the robot from Forbidden Planet, and has branched out to create his own replicas of Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still, B9 from Lost in Space, the time machine from the class movie The Time Machine, and others. His company, Fred Barton Productions, sells museum-quality Robby replicas, and his site is the definitive source of information about Robby and other movie robots.

Click here to visit Fred's site.

U.S.S. Exeter bridgeStarship Exeter
Not just another fan-produced incarnation of the Star Trek franchise, Starship Exeter follows the crew of the U.S.S. Exeter, a Constitution class starship that is contemporary with Jim Kirk’s Enterprise. Produced as though it’s being broadcast along with the original series in the 1960s, Starship Exeter brings fresh characters and new stories to fans who enjoy the Star Trek universe. Two episodes have already been produced, and fans can become contributors to Exeter productions.

Click here for the main site, or here for for even more goodies.

The Robot HutThe Robot Hut
John Riggs has build and collected just about every imaginable robot toy and character from any movie or TV show you can name. His Robot Hut, located in Washington state, is open to visitors (by appointment), but his site has photos and video of everything in his vast collection. You can even put on your red/blue glasses and tour the place in 3-D. You'll be amazed and entertained watching John drive his Robby jeep. It was John's story and photos that started the B9 robot building movement in Flint Mitchell's book You Can Build The Lost In Space Robot.

Click here to visit the robot hut.

Battlestar GalacticaBattlestar Galactica
If you aren't watching this newest version of Battlestar Galactica, you're really missing out. From the 2003 miniseries to the weekly episodes shown Friday nights on the SciFi Channel, the quality of this show has been first rate. As before, after nearly being exterminated by a race of former mechanical servants, the human race struggles for survival while hoping to find the long-lost planet of their legends: Earth.

Click here for's official Battlestar Galactica site, with downloads and extras.

Robot Bastard!Robot Bastard!
OK, it's silly, but Robot Bastard! is the kind of fun that everyone should indulge in every once in awhile. Rob Schrab’s 14-minute movie follows the mission of a robot on mission to save the daughter of the president, who's been kidnapped by the evil Blood Mamba. When his planet needs him, robot responds.

Click here for the Robot Bastard! site, where you can watch the movie and more (Rob’s other shorts are fun too).

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