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Voice Samples

Another bad day for the robotDick Tufeld did the voice for the robot in both the Lost in Space TV series and movie, as well as several TV specials. Just about all of the usable voice samples are available from the B9 Builders Club and other places on the Internet.

For my own robot, I didn’t want him to stand there and randomly say things about action in TV episodes or address characters that are not present in my house. After all, the robot in my living room is not on TV. So I transcribed all of the existing samples to make an inventory of what is available. I then tossed out anything that was episode specific. It occurred to me that with some simple changes, many phrases would do nicely. So I carefully edited out some words and syllables. While I was at it, I located a few words and phrases with the proper inflections to make some new statements that don’t sound “pasted together.” I ended up making changes to about 40 of the robot’s lines.

Below I’ve got a few of my edited phrases for you to use. They’re in Internet-friendly MP3 format. The ones I’m personally using are high-quality WAV files. But I’m not making all of my custom phrases available; we can’t have everyone’s robot sounding alike, now, can we?

If you want the ultimate in B9 robot voice control, check out the iB9 Interactive Voice Program, available through the B9 Robot Builders Club. With it, you can control what the robot says using a library of hundreds of phrases and custom lines recorded by Dick Tufeld, the original voice of the robot. Click here for more information about ordering.

If you're a member of the B9 Club, you can also get custom lines recorded by Dick Tufeld (just nothing off color). Click here for details.

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