Mark’s B9 Robot Resources

Robot Torso

My one and only trip inside the robot.

I bought my torso from Dewey Howard, and it's the focalpoint of any Lost in Space robot project. As it's supposed to be molded from an original torso, I took a series of photos with rulers and tape measures attached to help Dave Painter create his measured drawings. Other people scratch-building a torso have also found them helpful. As I had to cut out my neon area, rear vent, and chest holes, I also made tracings of the cutouts to help other brave scratch-builders. Click any photo below to enlarge.

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Top Bottom Neon area Chest 1 Chest 2 Front side Front

Left Back Right Arm 1 Arm 2 Vent Front access

Neon Tracing Left: This is a tracing of the piece removed from the neon area. Right: This is a tracing of the piece removed from the rear vent area. It's the same size as the left and right vents. Vent Tracing

Left: This is a rubbing from the chest area of a pre-drilled Dewey torso (courtesy of Mark Leslie). The lines drawn show where I drilled my torso out.