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Waist-to-Tread Section Templates & Instructions
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tread section

When I started my Lost in Space robot project in 1998, no one had published dimensions for the legs. So, armed with studio blueprints of the treads and a fiberglass torso, I worked out measurements for plywood frames to cover with foam pipe insulation, a waist plate, and the "donut" frame. Click here to see a diagram.

As the months went by, many people wrote to ask if I had templates they could buy for the legs I built. Finally, Mark Leslie offered to work with me and draw a set of templates, and I wrote an illustrated instruction manual. The result was the Bermuda Triangle robot construction package.

Many people have built the lower half of the robot for less than $200 using the templates and instructions that Mark and I created. The templates were developed by studying photos of the original robot, the studio blueprints, and Dave Painter’s excellent drawings. More than just blueprints, these full-size templates spell out exactly what pieces to cut out to construct your robot.

In January 2007 Mark and I finished revising each template sheet to make them more accurate than ever. All dimensions now match the B9 Club standard blueprints so you can make the most accurate parts possible. Changes to each sheet are noted below, and the instruction booklet also got some needed edits.

Our set of five templates comes on 26" x 36" paper. The eight-page instruction manual includes a materials list and comes as an Adobe Acrobat file so you can print your own copies and zoom in on the photos. I also send along the wheel dimensions and instructions for making inexpensive treads and creating a textured finish.

If you’re interested in a set of plans for everything from the waist to the treads, drop me a note at and I’ll answer any questions you might have.

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The 8-page instruction booklet has step-by-step details for each component, plus illustrations for each phase of the construction process, and includes a materials list. The instructions come via email as a PDF file.

Donut Template

The donut template shows a slight increase in diameter to match the standard measurements now available and torsos being sold. The "donut cap" has also been adjusted to match up with the most accurate torsos on the market.

Waist plate Template

The waist plate template is now 100 percent accurate to the original robot. This template has location markings for attachment to both the legs and donut. The center cutout allows for wiring or mechanical attachments or even a person inside your robot costume.

Legs Template

The legs template has undergone the most revision, getting a top-to-bottom overhaul to match the new waist plate and known dimensions. New legs cast from the original studio molds served as a guideline for the nine-piece leg framework.

Knees Template

The knee/knee plate template now has accurate corners on the knee plate. The knees themselves were adjusted (slightly wider and shallower) to match the current standard measurements.

Tread Template

The tread section template needed very little in the way of revision, but the upper wheel location was raised to more accurately match the original robot's construction.

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