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Tape Bay

What color is the bay?The robot's tape bay, or programming unit, is hard to see clearly in most photos. Michael Davis has an excellent diagram on his site, and Craig Reinbrecht has documented the bay’s layout pretty thouroughly on the B9 Club’s construction pages. I used his metal bay and finished it as shown below.

Is the panel face white or silver? Nothing on the robot is white, so I didn't like the idea of painting it white, so I compromised and painted it a very bright silver. The top and sides got a coat of dark gunmetal. The really funny thing is, the panel face looks white when it's photographed, even with a bounce flash (see photo at right). So I’d say that no matter what color you paint it, it’ll look white in pictures. Also, I think it’s fair to say we’ll never know for sure what color the original one was.

The light is the same Sylvania fixture used for the belly, but the color of the lens is difficult to pin down. I went with amber because it seemed to photograph correctly and because it fit with the rest of the robot’s look.

As for the switches, I’ve found that by using combinations of DPDT switches, some with center-off positions, it’s fun to use them to control the motors, neon, voice track and main power to the robot. They’re great for those souvenir photos everyone wants to take.

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