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“Lost” Photos?

Most of us are familiar with the Lost in Space photos shown at right. They’re publicity shots of the robot with Verda, a female robot character who is featured in two episodes. The color photograph is my personal favorite and my inspiration when I was building my own B9.

Three other photos from this publicity shoot are also common. These black and white prints are also fun because they capture some of the wit and character of the robot. A few additional shots also exist of Verda alone.

Now for the mystery. While poking around on the Uncle Odies Collectibles site recently, I stumbled across the two photos shown below. I'd never seen them before, and no one else that I've asked has either. They were obviously taken during the same session as the other three B&W stills, but for some reason they aren’t as readily available as the others.

Where have these been hiding? Do you have an actual print or high quality scan of these? If so, please contact me. I'd love to have something better than the low resolution shots shown here.

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