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B9 Robot Builders ClubThis is the mother of all Lost in Space robot links, The B9 Robot Builders Club. You'll find lots of reference photos here, lists of people to consult for help (with links to their sites), other folks who sell parts, and many how-to pages to help with your project. Annual dues help support the club and get you access to members-only areas of the site, plus a subscription to the discussion list.

Bob Greiner is a member of the B9 Robot Builders Club and has documented every step of his robot project in detail, including photos. His site shows how he did everything, from making and installing numerous parts to wiring, motorizing, and painting. His page on making knee hinges helped me figure out how to do mine.

B9Helpers.orgAlthough this site is no longer updated, serves as an archive of material for the B9 builder. Many drawings and informative articles are available on the site, so it's still worth checking out.
The Magnetic LockDan Monroe's site, The Magnetic Lock, has been a great source of information about the Lost in Space robot for years, whether you're building one yourself or just interested in the B9. Besides building tips, Dan has an online store where you can get, among other things, his licensed Robot Ramblings CDs to give your robot a voice.
B9 Creations Lost in Space RobotIf building a robot is beyond your means but buying one isn't, B9 Club president Mike Joyce now sells licensed replicas that have no equal. Limited to 150 copies, Mike's robots come with remote-controlled animation, custom voice tracks recorded by Dick Tufeld, and accuracy beyond compare. His site will explain all the details.

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