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Robot Fun

This whole robot obsession is supposed to be fun, so here are some items that are good for a few laughs. The first two are my creation; the others I collected browsing the Internet. Click any of them for an enlargement.
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If you manage to survive the robot-building process, print this out and have it put on a t-shirt. The robot drawing is by Steve Stanley Click to enlarge The robot’s popularity lasted longer than the game show. Still, this graphic makes a nice background for your computer screen. Click to enlarge

If only the robot could so something about the barrage of unwanted mail that comes our way. Click to enlarge Despite the truth of the cartoon, chicks dig the robot. Click to enlarge

B9 is still one of the most easily recognized robots. Click to enlarge Even though Marge must be pretty annoyed to be lost in space with Homer and Bart, at least she got a new hair color out of the deal. Click to enlarge

We’ve all felt like doing this, but only the talented, twisted mind of Steve Stanley could come up with such a vivid depiction. Click to enlarge Well, I have to admit, they are pretty strong. Click to enlarge

OK, this sound bite is my favorite, recorded by the voice of the robot, Dick Tufeld.